Working from Home

June 22, 2020

Are You Working From Home? How That Can Affect Your Custom Home Design

As a result of COVID-19, more and more people have transitioned entirely or almost entirely to working from home. This change is arguably a long time coming, like those that work from home have a better work/life balance, commute less, drive less, and save money on rent and other expenses. COVID-19 simply sped up a change that was likely to occur anyway for many different careers.

But working from home has its own needs and challenges. Not only is it a different experience from working in an office, but if you’re building your custom home, the layout of the home may need to be different if you expect to be working there indefinitely.

What to Consider With Your Custom Home Design

Every job is different, so you’ll want to take inventory on what you are likely to need when you’re at home. For example, if you expect to make a lot of copies, you may want to determine where your copy machine will go (eg, a closet). If you expect to have visitors/meetings, you may want a larger and more open space for these to take place.

But there are also simply generic considerations that all work from home jobs may want to consider. These include, but are not limited to:

    • Energy Efficiency – At Melcom Homes, energy efficiency and sustainability is our focus. We believe in creating homes that use as little non-renewable energy as possible, both to protect the planet and to reduce energy costs. But this is especially important if you work from home, because you may need your heating or air conditioning running during the peak hours of the day – something that you probably did not require when you were at work and your system was off. That energy use will be expensive if you do not have an energy-efficient home.
    • Desk and Movement Space – Do you need only a small desk that you can easily sneak into a living room? Or are you going to need an entire room dedicated to being an office? Do you prefer to work in a loft or do you expect to close your door? Are you someone that tends to get up often and walk around? These may be considerations that you need to integrate into your “office” space.
    • Child Safety – For some people, working from home also means watching the kids and multitasking. In those cases, consider the different layouts and how they may affect balancing work and childcare. For example, you may want a single story home, or you may want to make sure your office is close to where the children will be, or you may want to prioritize an open concept and integrate safer elements throughout.

Home design is only one part of the process. It’s going to be the little touches, like the desk you choose, the chair, where you plan to set it up, and more that are going to have the biggest effect on whether or not you have a work from home space that’s ready for you. But as you build your custom home, it helps to think about these things so that you’re ready to get to work from day one.

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