Location is another reason that custom homes are so valuable. You can find any land in the city or region of your choice and then create your home there, rather than waiting and hoping that a home that you desire opens for an affordable price. But if you’re new to the Alberta area, or you aren’t familiar with what these different areas offer, it may help to learn about the communities first to see where you want to live and what areas match your family’s needs and goals.

So we’ve created a brief reference table of the different locations where we’re more commonly asked about our custom home contractor services. If you’d like to learn more about these areas, you’re welcome to contact us at any time and we will gladly go into more detail about each of them.


Calgary, is, for many, the city of choice in those in the Alberta area. But Calgary itself is very different depending on which neighborhood you choose. Although there are arguably different cultures and communities peppered throughout each neighborhood, Calgary is traditionally broken up by quadrant (Northwest, Northeast, Southwest, and Southeast) with downtown right near the center.

Within each quadrant are very different neighborhoods with their own personality. But traditionally, most people tend to spend the most time in their quadrant, because of the way public transit works in Calgary. So while choosing a neighborhood is important, so is choosing a quadrant.

NW Calgary

NW Calgary is safe and residential. A lot of development is going on here, which is why this is one of the most popular places to build a home, at least as of 2020. This is where the University of Calgary is located (close to downtown), as well as several sports facilities.
The most common areas for custom homes include:

Although it is more heavily focused on residential development, there are some pockets of stores and great restaurants. Parks are especially enjoyable, and you’re not far from trails or hikes if you want to drive out for a day trip.

NE Calgary

NE Calgary is a very popular location for immigrants, as there are many areas with like-minded cultural groups. It also tends to have some more affordable housing, but like most areas, it depends on where you live. Cornerstone is currently the neighborhood with the most development, as much of the rest of the land is already built. Visit the Cornerstone community website here for more details.

Calgary Zoo is here, as is the Botanical Garden. The airport is a short drive from most of Northeast Calgary, and because of the layout, most of the people that work in the airport (or travel often) end up buying or building homes here because commuting from the other quadrants can be difficult.

SW Calgary

SW Calgary is a wonderful place to live but doesn’t have as many developments as some of the other areas. There are several affluent areas here, both to live and to explore. Businesses and restaurants are peppered throughout, so you may have a local favorite or need to drive a bit depending on your favorite types of cuisines. Young people tend to love this area, drawn to the fun hangout spots and nightlife options.

SE Calgary

SE Calgary is popular with parks. Many of those that live here work in the area (rather than downtown), because of all of the industrial plants that are located within the quadrant.

Although there are many developments in SE Calgary, Legacy is the neighborhood that is seeing the most popularity with custom home builders. You’ll also find a diverse range of restaurants spread out throughout the region. Visit the Legacy community page for more information here

Other Cities in Alberta

Edmonton, AB

It starts with Edmonton, the capital city of Alberta. With a population nearing 1 million residents, it has a booming economy and countless enjoyable activities. It often seems that Frasier is the neighborhood of choice for developers these days, though there are new homes being built throughout the region.

Home to the West Edmonton Mall – a mall with a waterpark, hockey rink, and amusement park all inside of the mall – many families love Edmonton, as do singles and seniors because there are amenities for all ages in different neighborhoods throughout the region.

We have built many custom homes in Edmonton and although we are based in Calgary, we are more than happy to travel to get the project completed.

Airdrie, AB

Airdrie is a city just outside of Calgary to the North, about 30 minutes from downtown. It is known for the way it blends the old with the new, as the city was founded over 100 years ago and has kept some of that older charm while also modernizing with shops, apartments, restaurants, and more.

Airdrie is also a very Christian city, where non-Christians and those without religion make up only 26% of the population. That is perhaps why they are especially popular around Christmas time, known for their holiday of lights festival and live Church theatre.

High River, AB

High River starts to become a bit far for commuters to downtown, as the drive is 45 minutes with minimal traffic. But the drive is worth it for some people because High River has a very different feel than Calgary. It is very rural, relaxed, community-oriented, and safe.

It has a lot of long time residents, but is also growing in diversity with many immigrant families moving here from all over the world. The schools in High River are also desirable, and they’re developing more schools to keep up with the growing population.

Okotoks, AB

Okotoks is one of the best places to live in Alberta. It is more progressive than other cities around Calgary (making it a popular location for sustainable and green housing), and it is business-friendly which makes it a popular place for startups, service companies, and more.

Despite its business friendly environment, it is a commuter town. Most people work in Calgary, which is about 35 minutes from downtown. Still, those that want to stay and work in Okotoks find plenty to do, with diverse cuisine options and great parks. Calgary will still be your go-to location for most shopping, but the city is growing fast and more stores are opening up every year.

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