About Us

You deserve more than a home. You deserve a custom home from Melcom Homes

Melcom Homes was started by Deimira Baidoo, a real estate specialist in Calgary and strong environmental activist. His experience with real estate design and development, along with his fantastic construction team, makes our construction crew the best choice for your eco friendly custom home.

Serving Calgary and the rest of Alberta, we are able to build homes of all sizes with our signature eco-friendly designs. Give us a call today at any time to learn more about our services or to star the process for your new custom home.

We are not your typical custom home builder. While we have dozens of custom floor plans available and the highest quality construction available in the Greater Calgary and Alberta market, we do more than just build custom homes.

We are one of the only home builders in Calgary that focus exclusively on building attractive, eco-friendly, “sustainable homes.” That’s why we were founded. We noticed that other local home builders were focused on building homes at any cost.

We believe, in the world we live in now, homes need to be sustainable, energy efficient, and ready to contribute to the ecological challenges of today – all at great prices and without sacrificing any of the quality that you expect from a custom home built for you.

Our Expertise and Mission

We are passionate about providing world class sustainable homes for its customers. We believe that you, the customer, are at the top of our organizational chart. While we are the ones that handle all of the labor and design, we consider you the CEO of the project, showing us what you want and allowing us to prove to you that you selected the right team for the job.

Our team members have been building, renovating, and selling homes in Alberta for over 7 years. We have a proven track record and a portfolio of homes to show you the quality work that we’ve been able to complete, along with a list of our satisfied customers.

You need a custom home. We want to help you build it. Our process to make sure that you love your final home is carefully controlled, because we want to make sure nothing is missed and your home is perfectly crafted.

Our process

How we Work

First Contact

Once you contact us with your goals, we’ll get to work. We will first find your home-site, learn more about what you envision for your property, the amenities and sizes you’re looking for. We can also show you floor plans and examples of our work.


Before determining what kind of home you can build and what options to put in there, we want to obtain a mortgage pre-approval. This lets us know that we can meet all of your needs and help us figure out what type of home we can provide.

Start the Purchase Agreement

For legal reasons, we’ll then set forward the purchase agreement. The purchase agreement will include the land, the floor plan, and more, while giving us the freedom and opportunity to move forward with the next steps.


Next we get to what many find to be their favorite step: customization. We start selecting all the things that make a custom home YOUR home, from the colors to the cabinets to the appliances, flooring, tiles, and so much more. This is often the most exciting part of the process for our clients, who get to start creating a home that meets their dream.

The Build

Once we have everything we need, we start breaking ground. We’ll handle all the permits, surveying, clearances, and everything else we need to build your home. You get to just sit back and watch the process in action. We’ll send you progress reports along the way, and of course we’d be happy to see if you if you want to stop by.

The Closing

Your home is built. We complete the inspections, finish mortgage approval, and walk you through your new home. All we need is your sign off and you are ready to move in to your brand new, beautiful Eco-friendly home.